Revolutionized Segmented Marketing 

Transform customer data into actionable marketing.


Why Candela

Reach 1.5B* Whatsapp users worldwide

*Candela solutions support Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram & WeChat

Increase revenues with the most segmented marketing offers ever

Easily scale customer service operations by using AI & NLP

The solution

CRM & Costumer service based AI

Candela Saas solution generates personalized promotional content & provides Whatsapp* empowered CRM & Customer service tools 

Campaign Management 

Costumer interaction


How it works

Customer service driven by AI

Whatsapp, Telegram & Facebook messenger CRM platform powered by advanced AI to increase customer engagement. 

Businesses with high customer engagement sell more!

Customer service driven by AI

Personalized segmented marketing

Tools to generate personalized promotional content & launch true segmented digital marketing campaigns in real-time, using the individual customer own words and actions. 
Using unique NLP
2 techniques

Customer Insights

Deep learning algorithm analyzing all customer social interactions with the service & social media profiles.

Establish a unique customer understanding and generate insights.

Automated customer service

Our automated customer service Bot is designed to incorporate NLP & Machine Learning allowing each customer to interact with the company via their preferred IM service (Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat & Facebook messenger).

Reduces customer service overhead - maximizing scale while saving time and money.


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Alon Tower 1, 3F, Yigal Alon 94, Tel-Aviv Israel